In today’s fast-paced world where patience is considered a virtue, the 2 most important things that matter in Customer Support are:

a) Instant Response and b) Accurate Information.

Customers expect accurate answers at the snap of a finger and no matter how efficient an organization’s Customer Support Team is, more often than not, it takes them time to resolve the issues on account of manual processes that need to be followed.

KServe’s AI / NLP-enabled Chatbots completely get rid of these manual processes thereby reducing the response time significantly. Seamlessly integrated with back-end customer databases and knowledge banks, our Chatbots are ingrained with Machine Learning for agility, flexibility, and adaptability that make them a perfect fit for Customer Support.

Our Methodology

  • Defining the Tasks:
    Mapping out a list of tasks the bot is expected to perform and shortlisting the core tasks the bot is expected to excel at.
  • Identity Development:
    Defining and developing the bot’s persona basis the assigned tasks, the target audience’s demographic and psychographic profile, and the concerned communication channel.
  • Response-flow Modeling:
    Developing a comprehensive rule-based workflow for a diverse set of queries & responses by tapping into the client’s internal content libraries or to 3rd party external libraries through API integrations.
  • Enabling Natural Language Processing (NLP):
    Setting-up the core base of the bot’s conversation flow and expanding it, layer by layer, to make the bot intelligent.
  • Integration:
    Integrating the bot with each communication channel by customizing the channel-wise code and monitoring performance for a seamless omni-channel customer experience.

Proof Points

Tangible Value Delivered!

For a leading Company:

  • Improved Conversion Rate by 25%
  • Reduced cost by over 45% on account of drastic drop in the Call Centre volume.
  • Resolved over 70% Queries through Self Service.
  • Reduced Agent Training Time by over 20%.
  • Significantly improved the CSAT and NPS scores.

Client Testimonials