Today’s fast changing business environment and consumer behaviour demands new rules of engagement. Customer Loyalty – the cornerstone of long-term revenue growth for an organization has grown beyond traditional customer support activities that are primarily reactive in nature.

Managing the expectations of today’s digital-savvy customers means being nimble, more knowledgeable than before, and proactive. It also means making relentless efforts to create “wow” experiences every time they interact with their customers. Something KServe specializes in!

At KServe, we have not only perfected the art of creating notable customer experiences at every touchpoint, but we seamlessly also manage the end-to-end lifecycle of your customers. From onboarding, to consistently delight our customer!

Our Services

Customer Support


  • Welcome Calls and Emails
  • Product Induction
  • General Relationship Management

Help Desk

  • Query Resolutions
  • Grievance Redressals Feedback Collation
  • Account Information Management

Satisfaction Surveys

  • Customer Health Check-ups
  • Sentiment Management
  • Follow-up Calls and Emails

Inbound Sales

  • Sales Enquiry Management
  • Order Management
  • Reselling
  • Cross Selling
  • Up Selling

Back Office Management

Accounts Payables

  • Payment Processing
  • Invoice Generation
  • General Billing Management

Order to Cash

  • Credit Management
  • Credit Fulfillment
  • Refund Management

Logistics Co-ordination

  • Invoice Dispatching
  • Product Dispatching and Replacements,
  • Offer Fulfillments

Vendor Co-ordination

  • TATs and SLAs tracking
  • Affirmative response actions

Bank Accounts and Credit Card Fraud Checks

  • Tracking
  • Prevention
  • Investigation

Legal Escalation Management - Online tracking of customer complaints on

  • Consumer forums
  • Reviews websites
  • General Relationship Management
  • Grievance Redressals.

Customer Retention & Win-back

Customer Retention

  • Comprehensive Research to identify high flight-risk customers
  • Analyzing probable concern areas
  • Develop cohesive retention plans to ensure stickability

Customer Win-back

  • Root Cause Analysis of the original drop factors
  • Bespoke Offers & Promotions for win-back

Proof Points

Tangible Value Delivered!

For a leading Homecare Services organization in India:

  • Sales Increased by 100% over a period of 2 years
  • Digital Conversion increased from 5% to 15%
  • Renewal Rates Increased by 13%
  • Customer Acquisition Cost reduced by 10%
  • Winback % Increased by 250%
  • First Call Resolution (FCR) Increased by 19%
  • Significant improvement in Vendor Performance on TAT and Quality.

Client Testimonials