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Data Management

At KServe, we have a decade-long set of best practices in building, validating and enriching datasets into rich & profiled databases for our clients across industry sectors. KServe has consistently delivered high quality and comprehensive data for several complex B2B product & services for clients across the globe.

“We have used KServe’s services for seven years to supplement our U.K. field work centers. Their data accuracy and productivity are of a similarly high standard."

-A leading Market Research company in UK

We understand the significance of Data Accuracy in any marketing effort and our consistent success is borne of streamlined processes, technology and stringent quality checks. Every requirement is delivered using a combination of web and voice research methodology built meticulously to enable quick turn-around time.

KServe services data requirements for clients on both, short term and long term projects. They can be:

  • Be-spoke Data Build - KServe builds a database from scratch based on geography, industry, companies, functions and job titles (limited but not restricted to these). The data built by KServe becomes an intellectual property of the client.
  • Data Validation & Enrichment - KServe receives a pre-populated set of data from a client and KServe validates and further enriches it as desired by the client.

Research Management

Our Research services help our clients in effective and accurate decision making to ensure a smooth flow of business and maximized ROI. Research conducted by KServe is by a combination of web and voice across channels.

We provide our clients with insights in the following paradigms:

  • Financial Insights helps financial services businesses and IT leaders in making more effective technology decisions by providing insightful fact-based research.
  • Competitive insights helps businesses effectively strategize by understanding the competitors’ products and market reach.
  • Market & Customer Insights to understand a customer's expectation, experience and level of satisfaction to ensure customer retention and enable new customer acquisition.
  • Industry-Insights provide executives key insight into the business environment enabling them to build effective strategies for project and campaign implementation.

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