While it is relatively easy to generate leads with new lead generation tools available in the market these days, managing the leads is difficult, time consuming and manpower intensive.

KServe’s Digital Lead Automation Solution seamlessly optimizes your lead generation efforts, moves your leads through the funnel quickly, and automates communication at every stage of your Sales funnel to ensure you reach the right customers, at the right time, with the right message.

Our Methodology

  • Lead Segmentation and Assignment:
    Analyzing each lead, segmenting them basis the Conversions by Source and assigning them to their respective “buckets” for personalized bucket-specific communication.
  • CRM Integration:
    Integrating bucket-wise leads with the client’s existing CRM platform for a seamless, bi-directional transfer to the automated communication mechanism.
  • Analytics & Reporting:
    Developing a robust dashboard with advanced analytical tools for a single-window preview of bucket-wise leads along with the Communication & Sales action taken for every lead.

Proof Points

Tangible Value Delivered!

For a leading Home Care Services Company, we:

  • Drastically reduced the TAT to reach customers from 6 hours to 15 mins.
  • Prioritise Sales Conversion Rate from 15% to 45% by accurately tracking the lead sources.
  • Significantly improved the CSAT score.

Client Testimonials