When it comes to managing repetitive manual back-office processes that need users shifting back and forth between multiple applications, the manpower cost is humongous. This is especially true for high-volume transactional processes.

At KServe, we leverage cutting-edge Robotics technologies to seamlessly automate these mundane tasks. Our solution collects, aggregates, extracts and inputs information from all your data sources exactly as a human would, thereby significantly reducing your manpower costs. Further, since our solution automates by mimicking human actions at the user interface level, it eliminates hefty costs of developing new APIs or replace existing applications.

Our Methodology

  • Process Identification:
    Deep-diving into existing business processes and identifying those in critical need of digital automation along with the degree of automation needed at each juncture.
  • Design Planning:
    Designing the most suitable automation plan thatgels best with the client’s corporate business plan and other business processes.
  • Roll-out:
    Executing the automation plan in a phased manner for each business process, monitoring the efficiency improvements at every stage and fine-tuning the plan, where needed, for a successful final roll-out.

Proof Points

Tangible Value Delivered!

For our Clients:

  • TAT for creating Daily Reports reduced from 28 mins to 7 mins
  • 100% reduction in Reporting errors.
  • Over 50% reduction in headcount of MIS Team.

Client Testimonials