While investing quality time for generating Sales Leads is absolutely essential for the success of an organisation, the time spent on cold calling, qualifying, prospecting and appointment setting is often time-consuming, and at times, frustrating.

At KServe, we take care of the end-to-end lead generation process for you so you don’t go through the grind yourself. We manage your contact lists, make cold calls, ask the right qualifying questions and set appointments for your Sales teams. All that they have to do them is convert these qualified leads into live business deals.

Our Services


  • When it comes to lead generation for your organization, at KServe, our Inside Sales Team has a clear mandate – increase your Sales Pipeline by generating highly qualified and realistically convertible leads. On time, every time!

  • With our highly experienced Sales-ready pool of Lead Generation experts, segmenting, targeting and prospecting was never so easier. Now, all that our clients’ sales teams have to do is – close the sale.

Proof Points

B2B Lead Generation:

  • For a leading Merchant Services and Card Solutions Company in the UK, over 55% of the total leads culminated from our Lead Generation service,which resultedin an increase of over 25% in the client’s Point of Sale (PoS) Terminal Installations.
  • For a Leading Fintech Company in the UK, our comprehensive Industry-wise Lead Analytics methodology led to a 20% increase in Loan Disbursements.
  • For multiple organizations across diverse sectors, we successfully delivered high quality leads using the BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timing) criteria for lead qualification.

B2C Lead Generation

  • Significantly reduced the client’s digital media spends by accurately identifying sources generating invalid / junk leads
  • Identified and improved process gaps in the clinics’ location-wise footfalls v/s conversions analysis which resulted in 50% incremental footfalls and over 17% conversion.

Delegate Acquisitions

  • At KServe, we have mastered the art of Delegate Acquisitions over the last decade. We work hard, and we work fast - while keeping up the quality and accuracy we are known for.

  • From free walk-in events like Trade Fairs and Exhibitions, to paid events like Seminars, to invitation-only Corporate Events like Conferences, our Delegate Acquisitions Team strategizes and executes end-to-end audience acquisition plans to ensure we get our clients their most desired audience across any geography.

Proof Points

B2B Lead Generation

  • For multiple organizations across IT, Banking and Publishing industries, our Delegate Acquisition service has generated 1000+ footfalls for their flagship large-scale events.
  • For a leading Company owning Commercial Database, for the Company’s CXO Events, we have been consistently delivering high quality audience since 2008.

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